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About Us

Meet our wonderful, knowledgable and friendly staff at Esquire Estate Sales.

The Esquire Team

Kevin-Blaeser-owner-esquireestatesales.jpgKevin Blaeser

Founder of Esquire Estate Sales (Fine Antiques and Designer Furniture)

Kevin Blaeser is one of the most upstanding people I’ve ever met. Yes, he has a solid background: B.A. from NDSU, Former Executive at Radisson Hotels. Kevin is truly a professional.


Everyone always asks "how did you come to own an estate sale business"?  One thing you have to know that it was his Aunt Loretta that planted the seed that would eventually lead to his founding of Esquire Estate Sales.


Aunt Loretta was an avid collector. Kevin remembers, "Loretta and I used to drive down Hennepin in her convertible Cadillac. We would go to the art and antique auctions every other Saturday. Almost every time, we'd have something she bought loaded in the back seat of that Cadillac. One time on the way home, it started to rain on a beautiful dresser she had just bought. I remember saying "what are we going to do Loretta? The dresser is getting ruined!". She looked at me with her big smile and said "Darling, don't you worry.....there's always another auction." I was 12 at the time and those memories are like magic."


For 20 years, Kevin was a Director of Sales at Radisson Hotels.  In 1998, he started moonlighting weekends for an estate sale company. I thought he was crazy. But, in retrospect, it made complete sense. He dearly missed Loretta and never forgot those rides in the Cadillac heading to the auction houses. I believe that working at estate sales meant that he was, once again, spending a little time with her.


He realized his passion for the business, quit Radisson and stopped moonlighting.  In 2001, he started Esquire Estate Sales.  He had new ideas for an old industry.  "Things should be better.  I can do better", he always said.  From more diligent research to ethics, Kevin set the pace right from the beginning.  First of all, he knew how to hire an amazing team.  "Always hire to your weaknesses, not your strengths", and that's what he did.  He brought in specialists, not generalists.  Generalists, he knew, could be a dangerous thing--and that's what most other estate sale companies use--generalists.


One time, he had brought in his jewelry specalist.  She found an 18 karat yellow sapphire buried amongst what was thought to be costume jewelry.  Can you imagine?  But because of Kevin's approach, that wonderful gemstone wasn't sold for a pittance--a generalist would have never caught it.  Kevin did.


Professionalism, diligence and ethics--that's what Esquire is about.  It's been 12 years since Kevin started Esquire Estate Sales and it's a company that continues to set the bar for other estate sale companies.


I started this out by saying that Kevin is one of the most upstanding people I've ever met.  I'm now going to end this by saying that Esquire Estate Sales embodies everything that he stands for and, with that, it is a company you can trust and lean on.

Past President, Goldstein Museum of Design and District Director, Fashion Group International.

FUN FACT:  Kevin was once a snowflake in the Minneapolis Holidazzle Parade!

**Nancy.  The Matriarch of Esquire Estate Sales.  She brings reason and calm to nail-biting situations.

**Karen.  Our Operations Guru.  You will love her smile and you'll see it everytime you check out at Esqurie.

**Larry.  Our Heart and Soul.  You can't help but falling in love with his personality.

**Patty.  Esquire's Spiritual Leader.  She brings a perspective that is out of this world.

**Mary W.  She's Our Sparkle.  Mary knows everything about things that are "beautiful, bright and shiny".

**Lori.  Our Glamor Girl.  What company can say that they have someone that went to the Kardashian wedding?

**Chip.  He created the phrase "Above and Beyond".  Our "Chippy" just knows how to make things happen (without ever complaining).

**Bonnie:  Esquire is a family business.  She is the epitome of that, for sure !

**Lukas:  WITHOUT QUESTION.  HE IS THE GREATEST ASSET THAT ESQUIRE HAS.  Lukas is 12 years old.  Come to one of our sales and you will see why he is cherished.

**Lisa: Our Steady Freddy. Not only is she a hard worker with a smike, she is Lukas' mom!

Everybody that works at Esquire Estate Sales has a Four-Year Undergraduate College Degree which means that you are working with the brightest minds in the industry. 

The exception, of course, is Lukas.  Don't forget.  He is twelve.  But, most say that he should skip several grades in school!  We love him and you will too.