All About Tinyan Chan and His Original Oil at Our Sale This Weekend!

We have a spectacular Tinyan Chan original oil at this weekend’s sale. Thought I would shed some light on this amazing artist.

Tinyan was born to a family of artists in China. He was encouraged and instructed by his brother, a well-known portrait painter in Hong Kong, and gained admission at 16 to the Mid-Southern China Academy of Fine Arts. At age 19, Tinyan entered the Canton Academy of Fine Arts to continue studying.

In the early 60′s Tinyan moved to Hong Kong and exhibited with the famous Konn Gallery and established the Hong Kong Artist Club. Soon after he was appointed Chief Designer of the United Nigerian Textile Company, West Africa. Tinyan’s life experience was laying the foundation for his ability to diversify and explore with subject matter, media and colour. The artist went on to hone his craft in Ecole National Superieure de Beaux-Art in Paris – study that Tinyan credits in being a primary factor in his success today.

Tinyan ended the 60′s by immigrating to Canada where he continued his exciting and emotive work. The artist finds himself constantly inspired by both the roots of Canadian culture and the perfection of nature and its tranquility.

In 2011, Tinyan was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Federation of Canadian Artists in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the world of art.

The fine paintings of Tinyan F.C.A. are found in numerous public and private collections around the world including several royal collections.

Hope to see you all at this weekend’s sale to snap up this beautiful piece !

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