Life Lessons and the Estate Sale

As an estate sale company, you really get to know your client—their family, their history and even their secrets. I don’t know if every company experiences this, but it seems like we always earn the trust of them. Of course, at first, they are often guarded, but as we spend more time together, they begin to confide in Kevin and I. I sometimes say that, at Esquire, we have two roles: 1) to sell their things at the best price and 2) to be their confidante. I think it is the latter which makes my job fulfilling. I love listening to and learning about other people and their experience. I believe that you have to push yourself to continually learn through others and my job allows me to do that. I remember one of my most favorite clients. She was selling most everything in her life—her things and her home. I asked, “where are you going?” She said that she was moving into an apartment downtown. She didn’t want the hassle of having a home because she was going to travel the world and didn’t want to be weighed down. Her first stop was to be Africa in the Fall. She was 82 at the time. What an amazing outlook an approach to life she has. But, she is just one of many that I’ve learned from. I truly love what I do.

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