Whether Rain, Sleet or Snow


This is what I love about our customer following. They are always there—even under the worst of circumstances. I remember last year during the BIG blizzard of 2010, snow was piling up, the wind was blowing and you couldn’t see. As the day went on, it kept getting worse and worse. But, in they came—one after one. There was Ron, Shirley and all of the others. Yes, some of them wanted to buy the beautiful things. But, mainly they wanted to check on Kevin, myself and the team. They wanted to make sure we were okay. Can you imagine? One of our customers even stopped by because he thought some of our other customers might need help getting to their car. Sharon even brought the team coffee from Caribou. That was truly special and made us realize that our customers aren’t just ‘customers”. They are friends and I truly believe that makes an Esquire sale a very positive, happy and wonderful experience.

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Where is Emily Post When We Need Her?


It always makes me a little sad when I see that Esquire has sold yet another set of sterling flatware.  It’s not because I have any attachment to it, but it’s because I know where it’s going.  More than likely, it’s going to a meltdown facility.  I always ask our client, “why are you selling it?”  They always say that their children don’t want it.  In addition, because of the extremely high price of sterling, our client would have that nice chunk of money in their pocket.


I remember growing up in the South, all of the grandchildren always coveted grandmother’s sterling.  It wasn’t just that way in my own family.  Instead, it was a Southern thing across the board.  It wasn’t because there was tremendous value in it at the time.  It was because it was the sterling that was the epitome of the family history.  The sterling was always there at Christmas and every family gathering.  I guess, to us, it represented our family’s time together.  And, therefore, every grandchild wanted to be able to pass the sterling to their own grandchildren.  Not so much anymore.


I guess it’s the fact that we’ve become a far less formal society.  Most people would rather have people over for a barbeque in the backyard rather than an intimate gourmet dinner presented with fine china, linens and the sterling.  Today, if people want to share a gourmet dinner with friends, it’s always at the “new and hot” restaurant in town—not at their own homes.


What you have to understand is that, because so much sterling is being melted down, its existence will become extremely rare in the future.  They will not be much left which, guess what….will make it extremely valuable in the future.  It will carry a price premium far above the value of the metal itself.


But, for all of you that still have that sterling in your life, keep it.  I’m begging you.  So, get out the china, linens and sterling.  Teach yourself how to make crabmeat crepes and popovers and have a good, old fashioned dinner party that would make Emily Post proud.

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