When it was time for my husband and I to move to Florida, we contacted several estate sale companies and chose Esquire Estate Sales. Kevin Blaeser and his team were a delight to work with and made every effort to work around our busy schedules while setting up for the sale. The sale was an absolute success! Not only did we get rid of just about everything, but we also got top dollar for our items. We were extremely pleased with the outcome of our sale!
Toni C
Kevin and the Esquire team hosted an estate sale for my parents in Edina. Their approach was thorough and professional, from our first contact through their help connecting us to people who would conduct a final clean out and clean up for the house. They did a nice job with display, pricing and promoting the event. Most important, we were very pleased with the results! I would highly recommend them if you are considering holding an estate sale.
Greg G and Family
Selling most all of our furniture from our four bedroom home and moving out to the San Francisco area was no small task. Kevin and his staff made the whole process very easy for us. From the first time we met Kevin, we knew Esquire Estate Sales would take good care of us. We sold our home and greatly downsized in our move to a condo in the San Francisco area. As a result, we had beautiful things that were hard to leave behind. Favorite toys of our grown children that we had originally intended to keep also had to be sold. We knew Esquire would take great care in researching and pricing all items. We were in California when the sale took place, however neighbors and friends who attended the sale relayed to us how well run and organized it was. They also were impressed with the number of people who attended. Obviously, Esquire has a great following and advertises well. The sale was a success and most everything sold, with Kevin making arrangements for the few items left to be donated and removed from our home . We highly recommend Esquire Estate Sales and are pleased that the concierge service in our realty company, Coldwell Banker, initially recommended them to us.
Doug and Jean H
After meeting both Kevin and his team, I looked no further for a company to run my estate sale. When they came for our first meeting at my house, they not only displayed their knowledge and professionalism, but they were extremely sensitive to my feelings about the necessity of parting with things that had meaning for me. They handled the actual sale with the same professionalism and sensitivity that resulted in my hiring their company. All of the people working for Esquire were so caring. I think Esquire did a superlative job in staging and running the sale, not to mention the amount of research that was done so that we could maximize the prices for the various items. In addition, their marketing of my sale resulted in several people coming from out of state that purchased many of my higher-priced items. I believe that I could not have gotten a better representation for my items with any other company. In the future, should I ever require the kind of service they offer, I would never hesitate to employ Esquire Estate Sales again.
Rochelle H
With a very hectic schedule and both my husband and I living in two parts of the country, selling our art, antiques and furnishings became overwhelming. In addition, my husband was away for two weeks during this critical move. In came the most incredible group of professionals. Every detail was handled with the best group of workers I could imagine. From the explanation of the process to hiring every processional needed to... move large sculpture garden iron and furnishings, to arranging them for the actual sale, to clean up and donating remaining items. EVERYTHING was amazing and thorough. Would highly recommend Esquire Estate Sales!
Beverly M
Kevin and Esquire, Five Star rating! Thank you and the Esquire Estate Sale Team for doing an amazing job at our Estate Sale in Monticello. My husband, Loren and I, were so impressed with how efficient and organized you were. You brought in experts to help with pricing on some of our antiques. I was amazed at the amount some of the items went for. You took care of everything, from the advertising to setting up and getting it all out the door. You were also very respectful of our home and made it a shoeless sale, which I was very appreciative of. I cant say enough good things about your company!!! I would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone who is considering having an estate sale. You were so easy to work with and we didn't have to worry about a thing. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!
Barb and Loren O
As a recent client of the Esquire Estate Sale Company, I couldn't be more pleased or amazed. Their professionalism shone through in everything they did and the staff was warm and attentive to my situation and my needs - communicating with me daily. They came in to my home and not only priced items, but they actually repaired, rewired, cleaned and polished so that I could get top dollar! They spent hours researching my pieces and in some instances, because of their attention to detail, were able to get me more money than what I had actually paid for an item. When they were unsure of something, they brought in experts. The merchandising was excellent - my home looked like a boutique which created a wonderful buying atmosphere. By the time the sale was over, anything left (which was very little) was either donated or taken away by a wonderful recycler (with my approval). I was able to walk back in to my home that I had sold and didn't have to do a thing! The owner and staff are filled with passion for what they do which made for an extremely successful sale - it surpassed my expectations! BRAVO!!! I HIGHLY recommend Esquire Estate Sales!
Mary Ann P
We were thrilled to hear about Esquire Estate Sales form a friend. We were looking for a company to sell the majority of our home furnishings and home contens prior to building a new home and wanting new furnishings. Kevin and his team at Esquire were the perfect solution for us! They came into our home and staged every room to maximize our sales. The work they did to generate excitement in advance of the sale was incredible. We had no idea that they had the network of followers to their sales. The results way exceeded our expectations. We even had a number of what we considered "hard to sell" items and they all sold! Best of all - they left our home totally clean and ready for our new home buyers. All we had to do was minor touchups prior to handing the keys over to the new home buyers of our home. The process was flawless and the results were wonderful! We would highly recommend Kevin and the team from Esquire Estate Sales!
Brenda and Jeff B
Love you all, at Esquire! You work so hard for your clients - happy to have been one of them! I have already sent a client your way.
A Happy Client
I am still regaining consciousness here after our sale, just walking around exclaiming WOW! All of you at Esquire are amazing!!! I can’t thank you all enough, you made a daunting task downright enjoyable! You and your team and the whole estate sale process are one of my favorite memories of our move. What an amazing process to go through. I've already praised you to friends and our realtor had a client looking for a recommendation, so I told him absolutely you all at Esquire are the best, highest recommendation! Thank you for taking care of everything! Many, many, many thanks - praise be to Esquire Estate Sales!
Esquire is an excellent Estate seller! They are very knowledgeable and have fair prices for both the estate and the customers. Great customer service too!
A Happy Customer
Thank you for your terrific work on our Estate Sale!! You and your team did a great job - especially your skillful navigating the tricky waters of family dynamics. Everyone ended up happy thanks to your diplomacy. That's professionalism! You are GOOD!
Ginger A
We had an absolutely fantastic experience working with Kevin and his team and Esquire Estate Sales. They understand how difficult it can be, even when making a decision to move and downsize, to part with your things. They worked with us to determine fair market value and kept us informed every step of the way. Their marketing and promotion drove a large crowd to our home even on the first warm sunny weekend of the Spring. They also handled the disposal and donation of items that didn't sell at a very reasonable cost. We are so thankful that we contacted Kevin and Esquire to handle our sale!
Dale & Pam S.
My wife and I decided to downsize and sell our home after 21 of living there. It was a large home on Lake Calhoun (Bde Maka Ska) and needless to say we had acquired a large amount of possessions. Because of the amount and value of the items that needed to be sold I did considerable research on Estate Sale companies. I actually attended 4 of them to gage their performance. Esquire Estate Sales stood out as the leader for me. In observing an Esquire Estate Sale I was particularly impressed with Kevin Blaeser, the person in charge and decided I wanted his company Esquire Estate Sales to hold my sale. I cannot impress upon you strong enough how good of a decision that was. Kevin and his team commenced preparation for my sale moving through the smallest and largest details like a well oiled machine. I was truly impressed with not only their efficiency and attention to detail but also the sensitivity and caring they displayed. Finally the big day (2 days) came. I had my doubts that all of this stuff from the largest most expensive to the smallest insignificant items would sell. Non-the-less I let them have at it and when the smoke cleared, low and behold it was all gone and I mean all gone. The timing of my sale was such that I had taken it down to the wire and I had to be out for the new owner. They immediately took to cleaning and putting the house back in better condition than it was before the sale. And folks I am here to tell you that just as Kevin and team promised I timely received a fat check (I would have taken a lot less and been happy). Just in case any of you think I am overstating this whole event, I am not. In fact I do not do them justice. I had never met or heard of Kevin and his team before my involvement with them at this sale. In life there are super stars and Kevin and his team just happen to be one of them.
Jerry Miller
If I could give 100 stars I would. Kevin is amazing. He goes above and beyond what is required and will work his hardest to get you the best return on your investments. I’ve used him twice. The second time we had already moved to Texas and he did ALL the leg work. I just can’t say enough about how he blessed us.
Susan P