Frequently Asked Questions


Esquire Estate Sales - FAQs, crowd control, value of property, prices, etc.

Why do you hand out numbers at your events?

We hand out numbers at our Estate Sales to help us monitor the total number of people we are allowing into your home at any given time. This allows our team to be sure that your merchandise remains secure, gives us time to answer questions interested buyers may have about your merchandise, and maximizes the merchandising appeal for shoppers.

How will you handle the crowd, and should I worry about theft?

At Esquire Estate Sales, our team goes above and beyond in regard to managing the crowd at sales. We provide extra staffing and utilize special logistics processes to eliminate potential theft or damage to your home.

Will people be allowed to offer a lower price than what is marked on items at my sale?

Prices at the sale are fixed since they have been thoroughly researched for accurate market values. A lower price would only be accepted if you were to specifically request it.

Can I trust the staff of people that will be working at my sale?

Esquire Estate Sales prides itself in employing a bright, honest group of individuals who have your best interests at heart. We also conduct thorough background checks for all new employees.

How do you determine the value of my property?

The value of your property is evaluated extensively by conducting a very disciplined 10-year fixed price analysis. We believe in using “specialists” rather than generalists to do our evaluations because our experience has shown us that this provides more accurate readings on true market values and gets you the top dollar in revenues.

Who can benefit from our Estate Sale Service?

Individuals moving into a retirement or nursing home, estate executors, and those individuals moving out of state or into a smaller residence need an estate sale service.

How large does my estate have to be for an estate/moving sale?

In order for Esquire Estate Sales to be able to book your estate/moving sale, we need to determine the minimum dollar amount of salable items in your home. Our team of professional appraisers will be more than happy to assist you in determining the value of your home furnishings.

Do you typically sell everything in my sale?

Although no estate sale service can claim to sell 100%, throughout the sale we will typically sell between 80-95% of your selected items.

What is your compensation?

Esquire Estate Sales shares a percentage of the gross sales