Solutions & Results

Esquire Estate Sales is a Full-Service Company. With one phone call, we can take care of the details. You can focus on other important things. We inspire trust and confidence through our knowledge and experience.

Trust & Confidence

Providing exceptional service since 2003, Esquire Estate Sales is a professional, Family-Owned Estate Sale Company with over 60 years combined experience in helping clients with Estate, moving and downsizing needs.

Service & Satisfaction

Excellent quality of service if reflected in our attention to detail, knowledge of the market value of your possessions, and concern for your peace of mind. We take a "White-Gloved Approach" to understanding your needs and surpassing your expectations.

Knowledge & Experience

CASE STUDY ONE: Because of our diligence, we discovered an 18ct yellow sapphire buried amongst hundreds of pieces of cheap costume jewlery. It sold for $8,500.00.

CASE STUDY TWO: An unassuming perfume bottle was discovered under a bed. Our instinct served us well. It sold for $1,200.00.

CASE STUDY THREE: Two Jade bowls looked alike. One was fake, the other was real. One sold for $40.00 and the other sold for $1,400.00.