How does the estate sale process work? It's simple to understand and easy to do--especially since we do all of the work for you. The "Esquire Six Steps" helps you understand how and when everything happens.

Step One: Start With Your Free Consultation

When you contact Kevin, our owner, for your free consultation, he will start by asking you a few questions about the things you want to sell so that he can determine if Esquire will be a good solution for you. Once that is done, Kevin will set up a time to meet with you at your home or at the location where the sale is to be held.

During that time, our goal is to help you understand who we are, what we do and how it all works. We will take as much time as you need. We know you will have a lot of questions and we are ready to answer them all.

But, we also want you to understand why Esquire is the best choice. We will talk about everything from our professional and friendly staff to our leading efforts in market research and multi-media promotion campaigns.

Step Two: Sale Preparation

Once you have completed your free in-home consultation and have made the smart decision to partner with Esquire Estate Sales, we start to work immediately.

  • Conduct an initial evaluation that will help us determine the general breadth and scope of your household contents.
  • Begin doing preliminary research to gain a foundation of solid information that we will build on during the remainder of the evaluation process.
  • Assess any specialty research that will be required which may include specialty appraisers and a 10-year market value trend analysis.
  • Develop a specific plan of action for our team and determine who will be responsible for each task.
  • Start the setup, paying careful attention to details so that nothing is missed and potential issues are avoided.
  • Bring in display cabinets and merchandising tools that will properly showcase the specific items in your sale.

Step Three: Marketing and Promoting Your Sale

We will use all the resources at our disposal to market your sale for the best possible results. We integrate traditional advertising techniques with innovative social media. This sets Esquire Estate Sales from our competition. Your marketing campaign will begin the Tuesday prior to the date of your sale.

  • We take high-quality and aesthetically staged photos and prepare detailed descriptions of the items for sale.
  • We build websites specific to your sale at and to promote and showcase your inventory.
  • Market your upcoming sale directly to our large database of customers.
  • Execute an effective social media strategy that utilizes Facebook, Twitter and blogs

Step Four: The Big Event!

By the time your sale begins, you can be sure that every detail will be in place to ensure an outstanding and profitable event. We go above and beyond to create an exciting shopping experience that will bring in maximum revenues. Plenty of Esquire staff members, including our management team, will be present at your actual sale. Each will have complete knowledge of your inventory list, and will take exceptional care to manage the crowd to avoid any footprint the sale could potentially have on your home.

Most of our sales are held on two consecutive days, generally on Saturday from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm and on Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The Esquire Team will arrive at approximately 7:30 each morning for our team meeting and to do any last minute preparations.

Step Five: Financial Analysis and Payment

When your sale is over, the Esquire Estate Sale team still has plenty of work to do. After each event, our team goes through the following evaluation steps:

  • We execute a detailed financial analysis of the sale
  • We create an itemized list of all items which sold for $50 or more. The financial analysis of the sale and the detailed itemized list is provided to you.
  • Most importantly, is that we provide you with a cashier’s check. This happens within 10-14 business days after the closing of the sale.

Step Six: Handling Your Remaining Items

Generally, Esquire Estate Sales will be successful in selling between 80% and 90% of your household items. This means that some items will remain after the sale. What do you do with those items? Maybe you want to keep them. However, if you don’t, Esquire is more than happy to provide you with wonderful resources that can assist you with these items.