The Esquire Team

Kevin Blaeser

Kevin Blaeser

Founder and Owner of Esquire Estate Sales (Fine Antiques and Designer Furniture)

Kevin Blaeser has a B.A. and B.S. from NDSU and is a former Executive at Radisson Hotels. He was also very involved with the Fashion Group International, as well as many professional Hospitality groups and the Downtown Council, throughout his career in the hotel business. It is while Kevin was in the hotel business that he learned about “superior service and exceptional results”, which ironically, would later become their tag line.

Everyone always asks how he came to own an estate sale business? One thing you have to know is that it was his Aunt Loretta that planted the seed that would eventually lead to his founding of Esquire Estate Sales.


Kevin’s Aunt Loretta was an avid collector. Kevin remembers, "Loretta and I used to drive down Hennepin Avenue in her Cadillac convertible. We would go to the art and antique sales or shopping, often. Almost every time, we'd have something she purchased loaded in the back seat of that Cadillac. One time we put a chest in the back seat, when I put the top back up on the car, the back window shattered. I looked at Loretta; she just closed her eyes, then opened them and never said a word. It was her way of moving on.” Kevin finds himself doing the same thing when something happens that he didn’t anticipate, or has no control over. So many magical memories that he has never forgotten.

Kevin was a Director of Sales and Marketing at Radisson Hotels, for 20 years. In 1998, he started moonlighting weekends for an estate sale company. Friends thought he was crazy, but in retrospect, it made complete sense. He dearly missed Loretta and never forgot those rides in the Cadillac, heading to sales. Friends believe that working at estate sales meant that he was, once again, spending a little time with her.


Kevin realized his passion for the Estate Sale business, quit Radisson Hotels and stopped moonlighting.  In 2001, he started Esquire Estate Sales. He had new ideas for an old industry. "Things should be better. I can do better", he always said.  From more diligent research to ethics, Kevin set the pace right from the beginning. First of all, he knew how to hire an amazing team. "Always hire to your weaknesses, not your strengths", and that's what he did.  He brought in specialists, not generalists. Generalists, he knew, could be a dangerous thing - and that's what most other estate sale companies use - generalists.


One sale, Kevin had brought in his jewelry specialist. She found an 18 karat yellow sapphire buried amongst what was thought to be costume jewelry. Can you imagine?  But because of Kevin's approach, that wonderful gemstone wasn't sold for a pittance - a generalist would have never caught it. Kevin did.


Professionalism, diligence and ethics - that's what Esquire is about. It's been 17 years since Kevin started Esquire Estate Sales and it's a company that continues to set the bar for other estate sale companies. Esquire Estate Sales embodies everything that he stands for and, with that, it is a company you can trust and lean on.